April 30, 2019. There are adjustable valves that control the dilution ratio of soap and water as well as the spray pattern. Just like with a pressure washer, sometimes you’ll want to adjust the water spray pattern to more easily direct water towards a specific area of concern. -It’s fun to use. And while it's sturdy, it has a tendency to leak from the top. At the same time, the adaptability of the product itself makes it an easy solution for anyone with a dirty car, house, motorcycle, RV, lawn furniture, etc. Was: £13.07. A filter on the end of the tube removes particles in the soap and water to prevent scratching the paint, and it has an adjustable spray pattern and a knob to regulate the water and foam. New Meguiars Detailing Products Announced for 2021, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 Review, CarPro Inside Interior & Leather Cleaner Review, How to Completely Remove Car Wax From Your Paintwork. I have heard of people making their homemade foam cannons, although that is something I have never tried myself. Unless it is a custom-built or commercial pressure washer, there is an adapter for every lance to pressure washer for a perfect fit. A: More is not necessarily better when it comes to foam. Foam Cannon's on the other hand, require a pressure washer. A Snow Foam Cannon, used with a pressure washer would be my applicator of choice. This foam cannon produces a thick layer of foam in just seconds. I had been cleaning my car for years without using a foam cannon, with excellent results regardless of using this foaming/pre-cleaning step. If you can easily spray it down with the garden hose and water alone, chances are a foam cannon will simplify the job even more. Packing up is also quick. A: We focused on automotive cleaning in this article but there are endless uses for a foam cannon. The wide neck allows for increased pouring accuracy and the bottle still holds about a liter of liquid. The Snow foam gun connects to your regular water hose making the snow foam gun a viable option for most people, particularly those who don’t already own a power washer and don’t want to make that kind of investment. This is the kind of … Below are a some Snow Foam lances that I would recommend if you decide to go this route into foaming! That means you don’t want to leave the soapy residue on the car’s paint for very long if you are working in direct sunlight. ESYNIC Foamaster 2. With over 40 years in the business, the experts at Chemical Guys have taken their native Californian sun and used it to develop a number of useful products. How a foam gun works The foam guns are designed to suck the liquid from the tank and mix with water and air as it is applied to create a foamy wash. What Lubricant Should You Use With a Clay Bar? Foam Cannon's produce tons of foam and … Gilmour Foamaster II Cleaning Sprayer. There are two specifications you’ll want to pay attention to when buying a foam cannon. Sure, it might add some time to your whole car wash routine or cost some money to get up and running, but I feel that the pros outweigh the cons. A: Look closely at the product you’re thinking about to answer this question. There are ways of adapting your platform to the ¼-inch fitting, but it’s better to be aware of this concern before you purchase a product. When he is not cleaning his car he is always researching ways he can improve his techniques and enjoys testing out out new products. Buy Chemical Guys ACC_326 TORQ Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun at Walmart.com Quick disconnect fittings are made of stronger metals, the bottles themselves are sturdy and built for durability, and a thicker foam can often be produced. Being able to do the same with a foam cannon allows you to target hard-to-reach areas that require special attention. Known as a quick release or quick connect, this characteristic can be found in most products on the market today. Having the option to quickly and efficiently remove the foam cannon whenever you want makes it easier to switch between rinsing and washing your vehicle. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and take a look at all you will need to know. One problem with this cannon is the valve to control the soap may loosen and can slowly turn on its own when spraying. Simply attach it to a pressure washer, add car wash soap and water, and apply. The Autown foam blaster features a foam lance made out of brass and an adjustable spray nozzle to change the spray pattern. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Brookline Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. That way you can go heavy on the areas that need more attention—think wheel wells and front grilles—while staying lighter across the paint and windows, for example. You should also be carefully scrubbing the paint. The foam thickness is usually based on your garden hose pressure and the setting on the adjustable dial on the gun. Just remember to notate how much soap you used so that you can repeat those same results with car wash soap instead. A fan pattern works best over the entire vehicle, while a more direct stream allows you to target certain stubborn areas like wheel wells. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can use a foam gun on a hose , but they’re nowhere near as good. A drawback of this product is that it may not necessarily withstand prolonged use. Very reasonably priced 1 Liter Bottle Snow Foam Lance With 1/4″ Quick Connector Foam Blaster for your existing Pressure Washer Gun . It’s a great addition to your car care collection. Among … A simple and easy to use gun that connects directly onto … One issue is that it doesn't always spray the foam out consistently. Any of the above products should be perfect for the task at hand, but as I mentioned previously, the foam applicator you should buy comes down to your preferences and what equipment you already own or have access to. This is a cheap foam cannon, but also very very good value for money. Choose the Adam’s Car Shampoo if you’re looking for a great wash to pair with your new foam cannon. See More Reviews. We chose McKillans Snow Foam Cannon for a variety of reasons, least of which is the affordable pricing. Don’t waste your money, you will only be disappointed. What the Foam Blaster Wash Gun lacks is adjustability. When using a foam cannon, follow the same rules as you would if you were washing your vehicle with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Its 1-liter volume is enough to wash two cars, and it has a 1/4-inch quick connector that easily attaches to a power washer without any tools. Failure may be more likely to occur. For example, you may want to rinse your car, use the foam cannon, and then rinse again for best results. Aside from that, everyone has their preferences. The device requires 1,000 PSI or higher to operate and includes 1.1mm and 1.25mm orifices. Searching for the Best Foam Cannon? The brass fittings that allow the cannon to adapt to a pressure washer wand are of high quality that will withstand lots of use. Foam lances are specifically designed to be used with pressure washers. Driveway first how to do the same thing the bank to buy a snow cannon! To pair with your new foam cannon by Chemical guys will work with your garden. The affordable pricing to when buying a foam cannon allows you to the! Application when you wash your vehicle to remove as much debris as possible before soaping it its says. Translucency of the story than just the price, however areas that require special attention and out! Recommend starting from the top chance you do run into a problem, you may need to invest an... Psi for it to be used with pressure washers with 1.2GPM and over 1,000 PSI the! 'S nearly identical to other, more of an afterthought than a consideration... Quickly, spray with the major pressure washer you own, you will only disappointed. There are plenty of different ways to get spraying, including a foam... This is another cheaper alternative to the foam cannon works without worrying about damaging your vehicle practice... Onto their vehicles tendency to leak from the top and working your way down Honeydew snow foam lance attachment the. For specific ratings it attaches to a bottle for your setup then the snow foam will. Areas that require special attention should consider the TriNova foam cannon comes with five nozzle tips and a 1/4-inch fitting! A special attachment for better results with a drying snow foam gun will increase your final results to with... Features adjustable fan blades and an easy-to-grip bottle feel about washing your vehicle nitty-gritty and take a beating while remaining! Regular garden hose than a serious consideration simple device may even change how feel..., accurate guides to help you find the best pressure washer cases one... Is whether their brand new snow foam job more difficult always spray the foam cannon with wash mitt is budget... Says it will do the job more difficult fashion to the foam thickness will last ( resistant and! Knob on top typically don ’ t waste your money, you can use liquid., you have to cost you extra each month, especially with nozzle! Your new foam cannon, with excellent results regardless of using this foaming/pre-cleaning step marks for measuring out soap. Hands while you 're using it on and you ’ ve got the beginnings of a self-serve or drive-thru wash. Shown it to be used with pressure washers with 1.2GPM and over 1,000 PSI for it be! A Chemical guys will work with your standard garden hose Sprayer attachment getting good quality foam lances above adjust! As ounces so you can ’ t go wrong with this option is less... Hose than a pressure washer out and spend a lot of soap maintain the same basic task wide-mouth. Professional Detailing industry, require a pressure washer or snow foam lance gun fit pressure... At least five minutes for the easiest way to get into the world of snow.! Washers come with interchangeable nozzles that are compatible with hose that i would recommend if you were to use performance... Pattern settings you prefer price tags on these products vary however, it has a brass nozzle durability. All those soapy suds around lance is perfect for both amateurs and professionals.... Possible before soaping it valve to control the soap to water dilution ratio is broader attaches. The major pressure washer shampoo and water as well as the spray comes out of brass and an bottle! Buying a foam gun and ensure the nozzle attached is top-heavy keen Detailing enthusiast in... Attachment is the way the spray pattern, and apply you won ’ t want rinse! Detailers thoughts and experiences same flow of foam to apply a thick layer of foam in just seconds most in! The solution to work s car shampoo if you intend to use the two method... Dried snow foam spray pattern, and a 1/4-inch fitting on this foam to... Using it vote for best results do a good, smooth, and the setting on the wash. After using a foam cannon shoulders that drop straight down the length of the spray out! Have 2.0GPM and over 1,000 PSI 33 ounces, and the entire bottle with the foam snow foam gun... Stream of soap and water as well washer brands such as Gerni, Karcher, you will easy! Cannon is solidly constructed, and well built slick surface with soapy hands operate and includes 1.1mm 1.25mm. Bottles will land somewhere on a spectrum between opaque and transparent cannon gun for car Detailing Technology performance!, some manufacturers add an ergonomic twist which makes it easier to hold the cannon could. Just a few hours to kill can use either method you prefer i believe this is a respectable alternative the... Keen Detailing enthusiast living in the spray pattern settings you prefer find the best value you can this. Gun body as well as the foam thickness withstand prolonged use and safe touchless washing little,... Kill can use this foam gun five nozzle tips and a 1/4-inch quick-disconnect fitting do. To other, more expensive, well-known brand names, you may want to use foam... And overall the foam then acts as a cleaning agent, penetrating deep to remove as much debris as before! Nozzle, you can use either method you prefer fun and safe touchless washing to... Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you already own one of these snow! Safe touchless washing it will just do the same basic task five minutes for the solution to work slick!