The Strange Man asks the player to save the man's friend, who he knows as "being in danger of being unfaithful to his wife" in Thieves Landing. Someone please check this out if you're that far in the game, all sides of Armadillo as long as the sight allows you. This guide focuses on the Bandit Challenges. There are a ton of places to visit and explore, with many mysteries associated with each spot. RDR2 Elemental Trail Treasure Map Location. STRANGE MAN RDR2 INFO! To help you sort out exactly where you should go, I’ve put together this list of 10 places you need to visit in Red Dead Redemption 2.Warning: Spoilers Below. One strange encounter that players can experience is the Feral Man, who some describe as a werewolf due to his circumstances. Well, The Strange Man appears in Red Dead Redemption 2.This time he is more hidden and trickier to find. Interactive Map of all RDR2 Locations. ... Join the Harry Potter Fan Club for free to discover your Hogwarts house, plus sign up to our weekly newsletter & explore our new range of collectible pins. Indeed, looking at the mirror inside the cabin reveals the Strange Man behind you, but turn around and he’s gone. Rdr2 map symbols meaning. (RDR2) 252 Views. Beginning with this episode Mary Millar replaces Shirley Stelfox as Rose. The Strange Man from the first Red Dead Redemption is certainly true to his name. He's very much present in Red Dead Redemption 2, but not in the way you might expect. The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is huge. The fireplace is part of ruined house. January 7, 2021 | In Uncategorized In Uncategorized | By By Get to 100% completion and it’ll reveal The Strange Man, but that’s not all. Featured Videos. Red Dead Redemption 2 contains a lot of secrets and hidden easter eggs you may have missed during the story. There are also other PIcs from Rdr2. In fact, you don't see him out in the open world. Maybe you want to ... dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. Pic from RDR2: Same Clothes Edited just now by Itscoming2020. This will take you to an abandoned looking house. In the middle of the cabin is an incomplete portrait. The reason I say this is because looking at the mountains more closely seems to show that they are grey and rocky; unlike the lush Heartlands of New Hanover. There do seem to be some form of The Grizzlies in RDR; however, they are in a far different position from where they are in RDR2. In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Strange Man is back, and he’s tied to a much more sinister plot. RDR2 has the biggest script of any game apparently, even though Arthur’s NPC dialogue constantly repeats. This page contains all the Red Dead Redemption 2 Secrets we could find, including Easter Eggs and some Secret Weapons. Nächster. It’s spooky If you’re curious and want to meet this Feral Man yourself, we’ll explain where you can go do to so in Red Dead Redemption 2. Seven creepy looking statues all stare at a harpy-looking statue. ... You'll see a bouquet of flowers by the front door, next to a letter from a man going to pick up his new wife. )Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_REFERER in /var/www/html/ on line 76; Call Stack The Strange Statues Puzzle is one of the side activities found in RDR2.Reach the related cave and solve the puzzle by selecting the right statues. The newly discovered Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter egg certainly seems to confirm that The Strange Man isn’t actually human. Is This IKZ? It's of the Strange Man, a mysterious figure who regularly crossed paths with John Marston in the first game. In the video game, you can find and collect the Old Brass Compass starting Chapter 2, after you reach Horseshoe Overlook.. Of all the mysteries in Red Dead Redemption's universe, there is none as persistent or intriguing as the Strange Man who appears in both games. ... version 13. 7 1 Link to post Share on other sites. They seem to be the mountains on the northern end of Flat Iron Lake. Red Dead Redemption 2 features many different activities designed to ensure that you never feel bored playing the game. This makes me think that after 100%, the strange man appears at night somewhere nearby Armadillo same way he appears in the mirror in that shack, possibly looking towards the town or the player. Look in the mirror just left of the portrait and - gasp! Loot him and everything he’s got in his house, then be on your way. The RDR2 easter eggs included is the third Alien Flying Saucer UFO Ship being found, Michael De Santa GTA Vthe Strange Man’s Secret House & Appearance, The Walking Dead, Jungle Book, Nevada & Scarecrow Hat, a Rare Weapon, and the Civil War Veteran. RDR2: Small side quests - unique locations - walkthrough, ... During your first meeting with the man building a house together with his sons, ... Dreamcatchers Item requests for the gang members The Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt All challenges The Strange Statues Puzzle Graves Unique items Exotic items Hidden cabins Gang hideouts Best Easter Eggs. I also provided a mini-map of their locations next to the photo of each hideout below. Uncle says there is a house buying place in black water, some kind of lumber store or something but I can’t find it. The Strange Man’s identity and true purpose are still a mystery for the time being, but that could change. 03:47 RDR2 Arthur Helped Widow Charlotte vs John Helps Her - Red Dead Redemption 2 … #rdr2 #rdr2edit #the strange man #rdr2 scenery #bayall edge #bayou nwa #mine #this has probably been done a thousand times but i love all the little writings so much aaaaa 335 notes mordeshakes Inside you’ll find all sorts of macabre stuff: candles galore, creepy furniture, strange paintings - and the biggest giveaway - the Strange Man’s hat. On the second floor of the house, you will notice that one of the rooms is lit up. When the game made $750m in its first three days, Rockstar dubbed it “opening weekend”, glorifying it as a box office release and claiming it made more than any movie opening ever. Strange Man tells John that he knows John, but Marston does not recall meeting the man before. (RDR2) 154 Views. Among them are the Challenges, which reward players if they manage to perform a very specific set of actions. Hyacinth is shocked to see a strange man wearing only a towel emerge from Elizabeth's house, sending her into hysterics at what she perceives the moral degradation of the neighbourhood. Strange Statues puzzle There are two (seemingly disconnected) parts to this puzzle, but the first is a big clue to the second. The creepy outhouse featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of many special points of interest that players can explore. Aberdeen pig farm is one of the locations in Red Dead Redemption 2. After the final Strange Man quest and enough prodding from the Man about John’s past mistakes, John will shoot at him in anger – but the bullets do nothing. They may also encounter a strange hairy man running through the woods and howling next to a white wolf, ... bars! The Strange Man and John Marston first meet during a Strangers task "I Know You". The Strange Man just walks away. You can find him in RDR2 as well, but it takes some effort to conjure him. We just tore down the she-shed at the ranch @k41m After people posted to help you, it would be nice of you to follow up with a post to let them know if you found it. This page contains the full solution to this puzzle - solve it to receive 3 gold bars (they are worth $1,500 in total). 12:07 Arthur Morgan Helps Build A House During This SECRET Mission In Red Dead Redemption 2! Meanwhile, Daddy has gone missing again, and it's up to Onslow and Daisy to find him. Listen to what the stranger says. The Strange Man also reminds John Marston of a woman named Heide McCourt, a woman who Dutch brutally shot in the face in the failed Blackwater heist. The Old Brass Compass in Red Dead Redemption II; however, requires you to complete a Stranger Mission. You don't converse with him. Update: The Red Dead Online update on July 28th changed all Madam Nazar items that require a shovel - instead of fixed items, the item will be a … This is one of the odder secret activites in Red Dead Redemption II. 6 MANBEARPIG South Park fans may have been surprised when entering the second floor of a house near Van Horn Trading Post only to find what appears to be ManBearPig strapped into a dark room! The Red Dead Redemption 2 Old Brass Compass is a unique item and crafting material you can use to create the Raven Claw Talisman for Arthur.. THE STRANGE MAN RETURNS IN RDR2! Red Dead Redemption's Strange Man Explained. It’s a homestead stash, a remote location where strange people live – strange people you can rob blind.They’ll let you into their house, share a meal with you and offer you some nasty drink. Red Dead Redemption 2 Bayou Nwa Stranger Cabin guide shows you what to do with RDR2 Stranger in Bayou ... so gun him down.