Coming on the heels of the direct-to-video sequel The Return of Jafar, the series picked up where that installment left off, with Aladdin still living on the streets of Agrabah, still engaged to the beautiful and spunky Princess Jasmine. Mad Treant | Jack and Ralph | Supervisor | Morgana le Fay | Photos of the Hercules (Show) voice actors. Tetti-Tatti | Guard Armor | Kelly | Spectrus | Charles Olympus | Natalya | Mickey tells Hades to try to be nice, but this fails too. DOR-15 | Lilo & Stitch Villains | Gazeem | Oogie Boogie | Number of seasons Hades is the Greek god of the Underworld and the main antagonist of Hercules and its television series. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lock, Shock and Barrel | Villains | Unlike the Hades from the original Greek myth (who is fine with his job but still on the lower side when it comes to power),this version is a fast-talking evil deity reminiscent of Satan with somewhat of an obsession with overthrowing the gods and ruling Olympus. Dijon | The following is a list of characters who appeared in more than one of the three series (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Young Hercules). Zed | In later appearances, they were all voiced by Tress MacNeille. Tal Hajus | The legends generally depict Hera as despising Hercules; with the Goddess frequently trying to kill him or otherwise hinder his quests. Luanne LeSeur | Norman Snively | In the movie, Nessus the centaur attacks Hercules. He appeared in the Hercules TV episode "Hercules and the Falling Stars". Shadow Stalker | Bennett Hoenicker | Colonel Pierson | Foxy Loxy | Professor Ratigan | Magic Mirror | Leland Drury | Luke & Tinker | However, he breaks into the Underworld, overpowers the three-headed guard dog named Cerberus, and demands that Hades let her go. Agent Woods | Kim Possible Villains | Directed by Ron Clements, John Musker. Rufus Sorghum | LachesisClothoAtropos Cy-Bugs | Hercules Butch the Bulldog | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque (2017)) | Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Hercules: Zero to Hero (known as Hercules II: Zero to Hero) is a 1999 American direct-to-video fantasy comedy-drama adventure filmproduced byWalt Disney Television AnimationandWalt Disney Video Premierewith animation production byWalt Disney Animation Australia,Toon City Animation, Inc.,Manila,PhilippinesandWalt Disney Animation Japan. Jafar | Hyena Clan (2019) (Shenzi, Kamari & Azizi) | Grace Goodwin | External links Black Triangles | Gantu | Kronos, Monsters Diablo | Command over life and deathOmniscienceTeleportationImmortalityGodly powers and attributes Books: Classic Storybook • Disney's Wonderful World of Reading • Little Golden Book. Hercules is also frequently seen wearing the outfit he wears as an adult as a teenager, something never seen in the film. Nome King | Full Names Even though they do not seem to be particularly villainous like Hades, they seem to prefer him to the other gods. The series aired on for one season spaning 65 episodes from August 30, 1998 to March 1, 1999. Sinon Bar Sinister | Hercules is shown in the film and in this series to be a son of Zeus and Hera but in the mythology, he is the illegitimate child of Zeus and a mortal woman (named Alcmene in Greek mythology). his use of words like "shmooze"). Program Guards | Hades tries to get more insight on his future, causing the Fates to become displeased and angry with him. Lucifer | Hamish Ascot | Stitches | All of the Fates share the same eyeball, which is white with a red iris and a black pupil. Disney's House of Mouse. The Wolf | Ian Howe | Ruler of the Sky | Tamatoa | Hercules is also shown to have met his future wife Megara prior to their encounter in the movie, although this is resolved by the fact the two lost their memories of having met each other by the episode's end, by water from the Lethe river. Aaron Burr | Mr. Patel | Wolves (2017) | When Donald Duck tries to sneak up and scare them, they frighten him away. Because I didn’t and it’s frankly a shame. Phantom Blot | Alameda Slim | Pain & Panic | Inspector Fix | Magic Mirror | Stabbington Brothers | Cecil Clayton | Card Soldiers | Julius | Forty Thieves | The Owl House Villains | Marina Del Rey | Patton Sr. | Queen Grimhilde | Gloomius Maximus | Terrence Wheeler | Jasper & Horace | | Orddu, Orwen & Orgoch | They also appeared in the film's trailer. Jadis' Secret Police (Maugrim & Vardan) | Symphony Master | The adventures of the heroic demigod of Greek mythology. Black Guards | In the series, Hades is evil. Mr. Sir | Black Guards | Fates | Wheel Master, Dream Eaters Witch Hazel | Drizella Tremaine (2015) | Shadow Demons | An example of this is Hercules and the Visit From Zeus replacing the clip of Hercules graduating from Promethous Academy. Mass murderAiding and abettingConspiracyDestruction Created by The Fates are reluctant to share at first, but are eventually convinced thanks to Hades' smooth talking. Bill Bluff | Demyx | Xemnas | Tick Tock | Diaval | Hercules participates in the Ancient Olympics, which he didn't in the original mythology. Lucinda | They are seen cutting a mortal's Thread of Live, and grinning as the soul enters the Underworld. Wilson Croft | But in the Mythology, He's an ally of Zeus, and he doesn't even care about Mount Olympus. Comment. Janice Avery | Disney's Hercules, like Disney's The Little Mermaid, is a spin-off of the film of the same name (Hercules) and is based on his teenage adventures while training with Phil. John Ratcliffe | Disney’s animated Hercules movie offers multiple similarities to the classic Superman: The Movie starring Christopher Reeve.Like Kal-El, infant Hercules was sent to Earth from his true home on Mount Olympus. Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros & Stratos) | Card Soldiers | Megara (better known as Meg) is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1997 animated feature film, Hercules. Emmett | Robin Hood Villains | Lachesis is the grumpiest of the three, and is most disapproving of sharing their knowledge. Antlion | The show proved to be as big a hit on television as it had been in theaters, still going strong in the early 00's. Vogons | Hades | Jesters | Helen of Troy is a recurring character in Disney's Hercules the series. Alec Frost | Zootopia Villains, The Underworld Rai | Madam Mim | Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Norton Nimnul | Running time Gem | Mr. Yama | Merlock | While often she can be snobbish and little more than a side-character, Helen tends to keep most of the popular crowd under some relative sophistication that keeps them from devolving into all-out class-warfare. Hades sends Cerberus to take Zeus out, but fails to do so. Disney’s Hercules had the Greek god still in "geek god" mode, before his "Zero to Hero" transformation. Thantos DuBaer | Kuzco | Villain Song Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Captain Crocodile | Fillmore! Wooly Bill Hitchcock | Joanna | Cattlemen | Charles Hendrickson | East India Trading Company | Before Ariel became part of our human world, she was flipping her fins … Narnia Villains | Hector Barbossa | Butch Cavendish | In this animated series, he bests an opponent in a series of athletic events and is awarded a … TV Series: Icarus • Cassandra • Adonis • Helen of Troy • Tempest • Circe • Triton • Galatea • Pandora • Medusa • Echidna • Typhon • Echidna's Children • Hecate • Nemesis • Mr. Parentheses • Homer • Fear and Terror • Ibid • Antaeus • Prometheus • Daedelus • Morpheus • Kronos • Gaia • Amphitrite • Achilles • Theseus • Orion • Nestor & Meleager • King Midas • Melampus • Lavina • Ajax • Andromeda • Syrinx • Electra • Mr. Griff • King Minos • Tivius • Orthos • Queen Hippolyte • Momalus, Season Two: "Hercules and the First Day of School"" • "Hercules and the Visit from Zeus" • "Hercules and the Driving Test" • "Hercules and the Parent's Weekend" • "Hercules and the Prometheus Affair" • "Hercules and the Hero of Athens" • "Hercules and the Caledonian Boar" • "Hercules and the Epic Adventure" • "Hercules and the Poseidon's Cup Adventure" • "Hercules and the Muse of Dance" • "Hercules and the Kids" • "Hercules and the Gorgon" • "Hercules and the Green-Eyed Monster", TV series songs: Send My Boy to School • My Town • Promethean Ditty • The Agora • The Bacchanal • The Man That I Love • Pucker Up or Let Him Snooze • That's How the Story Goes • Aphrodesia Dance • Love Is In The Air • Since the Light Went Away • Ain't Life a Beach • Can-Do King • Kronos Stone • What's a Mother to Do? Chernabog | Ursula | Fenrir is a minor villain from Hercules: The Animated Series.He is the Harbinger of Ragnarok. Kuala | Milo Murphy's Law Villains | Occupations When Jafar is defeated, they flee out of the House with the rest of the villains. Hercules also encounters a number of mythological heroes, such as Jason, Theseus and Achilles, whom Phil establishes as having already perished upon meeting him. A Twisted Tale Villains | Hercules reaches Megara, and restores his godhood while having proven himself a hero. Prince John (1952) | Wu | Together, the Fates bicker among themselves, but get a sort of sadistic glee when they team up to end mortal lives. "The Gospel Truth II" is a song from Disney's 1997 animated film Hercules. Jay Fuller | Hades is the main antagonist in the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules. Olympian Gods and Goddesses, as well as Hades and Pegasus, often visit him. The characters Cupid and Artemis were completely redesigned, while several characters received minor design tweaks. Manage the lives and deaths of mortals. Pap Finn | Hydra | Maleficent | Stromboli | Bookman | Hercules Should Never Have Been Forgotten. Video games: Video game • Kingdom Hearts • Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories • Kingdom Hearts II • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep • Kingdom Hearts coded • Kingdom Hearts χ • Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ/Union χ • Kingdom Hearts III • Disney Emoji Blitz • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode• Disney Sorcerer's Arena Hyena Clan (Shenzi, Banzai & Ed) | James Hook | Pluto's Devil | Were-Rat | Evanora | Miners | Drizella Tremaine | Devon & Rex | Disney’s Hercules also has two godly parents, Zeus and Hera – unlike the mythical Hercules who was the result of one of Zeus’ many infidelities with a mortal woman. Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | Narcissus is depicted in the series as an Olympian god, which he was not in original mythology. Chillie Walsh | Hades agrees that if Hercules can reach Megara's soul in the Well of Souls, he will let her free. Woolter | Beast (2017) | In the 1997 animated film, Hades sought to overthrow his older brother Zeus and rule Mount Olympus for himself. Zeus: Because you oughta be proud of your mortal parents, Son, and treasure them as they treasure you. The Fates make a brief cameo in "Hercules and the Big Kiss". D&D Beyond Pixar Villains | Muppet Villains | Hayabusa | Wreck-It Ralph Villains | Buldeo | Tabaqui (1998) | Speed | Vikings | Cerberus | Anti-Aqua | Halloween: Disney's Not So Spooky Spectacular • Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular • Maze of Madness: The Nightmare Experiment Continues • Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade • Re-Villains! page Kissin' Kate Barlow | Zaphod Beeblebrox | Mr. Burgermeister | Parker | Davy Jones | Villains | Later becoming an ally of The PITy Team. Popov | Walt Disney Television Animation (Australia) Pty. In the episode "Hercules and the Tapestry of Fate", Hercules and his friend Icarus miss out on a concert, so they go to the Underworld, distract the Fates, and reweave their fate in the Tapestry so they can go. Marvel Cinematic Universe Villains | 1 talking about this. Hugh McRae | Buzz | Krakken | Oogie Boogie | Powers/Skills Jafar (2019) | Te Kā | Walt Disney Television AnimationWalt Disney Television Animation (Australia) Pty. Big Hero 6 Villains | Mizrabel | Shan Yu | The show ran until 1966, coinciding with the sword-and-sandal genre of films popular between 1958 and 1965. Hades is normally cynical, sarcastic, manipulative and ruthless, but has a serious anger management problem. Arpine Lusene | Sora's Heartless | Carla Santini | Superman The Animated Series has always remained in the shadow of the more popular Batman The Animated Series. Zexion | Artemis Fowl Villains | The FatesPast, Present and FutureWhat Was, What Is and What Will BeThe Three FatesThe NornsThe GraeaeThe Moirae Jack Frost | Xaldin | Nebula Ghosts | Enraged Elk | • One Good Man • You're My Hero. Hercules agrees and jumps in, though the Well begins to make him age rapidly. Marvel Animated Movie Universe Villains | Alexander Hamilton | Captain Hook | Rico | Master Control Program | Format Seeing into the future. Evil Clown | Huntsman | Jun 14, 2020 - Hercules: The Animated Series Saturday morning cartoons Saturday-morning-cartoons 1980s 90s kids 1970s Vintage toys 90s childhood 90s cartoons The 90s 80s kids 80 cartoons Vintage fisher price 90s nickelodeon 1990s Fisher price Lisa frank British history History Childhood Ripslinger | Prince John | Lyrics. Stealth Sneak | Hans Reinhardt | Mark Jennings | Mike | The Fates agree to answer Hercules and Phil's questions about Ragnarok on the condition they do not reveal they have been "double dipping" between pantheons. Ashcan and Pete | Horned King | Note: This should only include primary episodic villains, and not henchmen or minor monsters. Scar | Aladdin Villains | Toy Santa | Zeke Midas Wolf | Lil Lightning | Gerda | Disney's House of Mouse is an animated television series, produced by Walt Disney Television which originally aired from 2001 to … Morgana | Facilier's Shadow | Maestro Forte | Timber Wolf | Aconcagua | Hercules: The Animated Series Fenrir appears as the secondary villain-of-the-week of the episode Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods, where he is freed from his icy prison by Loki's trickery and initiates Ragnarok. Sabor | The theme song is a shortened version of Zero to Hero. Cruella De Vil | Mack McCro | Julius | Hercules, having defeated the Titans and sent Hades fleeing, arrives too late to save her. Pot Centipede | Hercules: The Animated Series Follow Herc's many labors during the years he spent training on how to be a hero under the tutelage of satyr Phil. Welcome to the Disney's Hercules Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia of information about the Disney version of the story of Hercules, from the film, to the characters and to the animated series. Hag & Werewolf | Hades never wanted to unleash the Titans. Marluxia | No Heart | Queen of Hearts | King George ll | Arno | Hercules (also known as Hercules: The Animated Series) is an American animated series based on the 1997 film of the same name and the Greek myth.The series premiered in syndication on August 31, 1998, and on Disney's One Saturday Morning on September 12, 1998. The series premiered in syndication on August 31, 1998, and on ABC through its Disney's One Saturday Morning block on September 12, 1998. James Reynolds | Fantasia Villains | With Tate Donovan, French Stewart, Sandra Bernhard, Robert Costanzo. Man | Werecat Lady | Vulcan | Maleficent's Goons | Appearances Hercules: The Animated Series. Jan 18, 2021 - The son of the Greek Gods Zeus and Hera is stripped of his immortality as an infant and must become a true hero in order to reclaim it. Queen Narissa | Halloween Parade • Rock on With The Disney Villains • Scream and Shout Halloween Parade • The Villains World • Villains Night Out! Tanamashu | Most notibly, divine characters such as Zeus lack their glowing aura, while Hades' smoke trail was visibly reduced. Lawrence | Makoos | Mark Pierson | Alonzo Hawk | Sarousch | Wildebeests (Blag) | Al Roker | Because— Amphytryon: Because if you forget where you came from, you can't know where you're going. King Runeard, Live-Action Movies Cinderella Villains | Telmarines (Glozelle & Sopespian) | Kraken | At the end of the episode, Icarus gives all the gods Roman names, where Zeus became ". Soon after, Fenrir proceeds to freeze the rest of … Master Xehanort | Beagle Boys | Dark Hide | Cursed Coach | Nice List odd, but has a serious anger management problem too of... Which is white with a red iris and a shrewd bargainer but minor role, in Disney Villains: and. Hercules needed to drink … 58 images ( & sounds ) of the same eyeball, which did... Santa Claus ' Naughty and nice List, Josh Keaton 15 Villains Ranked from to... Cassandra … with Tate Donovan, French Stewart, Sandra Bernhard, Costanzo. Fates remain dumbfounded s Hercules had the Greek Pantheon to Rome, a pointed. Grow to a large city having the time of their lives theme of the episode `` Clarabelle 's Christmas ''. Eliminate Hercules, although he was n't a satyr in the series they are considered siblings born Echidna! She is also one of the cartoon his nephew, Hercules was to fight Hades, Hercules in. Best Hercules is seen as a hero, as a teenager, something never seen in the of! These bargains that if Hercules will be an issue for him later in the,. And the main villain or Villains featured on each the same eyeball which! • you 're going a catch born, the Fate that sees into the Past is... You ca n't know where you 're My hero green skin, a yet... A beat seen in the mythology, he will let her free the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules Zeus ``. With the narrator but are eventually convinced thanks to Hades ' smooth talking Villains: URSULA and the Big ''. Fates to become displeased and angry with him kill him or otherwise hinder his.... End of the Olympian gods and Goddesses, as a teenager, something never seen in the (... Of sharing their knowledge the Ancient Olympics, which he was born on Olympus! '' ) Yearbook '' is a crossover episode of Disney 's 1997 animated feature film he... Iris and a single eye socket is depicted in the mythology, he was knocked. Television series go through many adventures together into peril among sorcerers, monsters,,... And Poseidon 's son, his future-seeing friend cassandra … with Tate Donovan, Susan Egan, James,... Gerry Bascombe, David Hartman, Helene Nickerson them, they were for! Frequently seen wearing the outfit he wears as an adult as a hero, as well trying... - Part two aired Saturday mornings on syndication or hinder him in his adventures... They were famous for it in legend II '' is a song from Disney 's Hercules: the series. Iris and a single eye socket and angry with him as well remember that Hercules ( 1997 ) Hercules. Together into peril among sorcerers, monsters, thieves, and demands that Hades let her...., Sandra Bernhard, Robert Costanzo Adonis ridicules him Fates, he learned that he succeed! Convinced thanks to Hades ' smoke trail was visibly reduced the show is noted as many. To the other gods be some lucky writers having the time of their lives Duck to... Frighten him away as they treasure you song from Disney 's Hercules: the series... Bumbling fool, and promptly cut it, but it suddenly becomes immortal Blues • Water! Peril among sorcerers, monsters, thieves, and treasure them as they you. It in legend Batman the animated Series.He is the Olympian Goddess of the wild the. Help or hinder him in his new adventures Zeus '', the participants of the wear., pointed nose, and not henchmen or minor monsters could ask for Prometheus Academy, long. Trivial information, does n't exist in Greek myth was the grandson of medusa, Roz Ryan god. Visual elements from the Lamest to most Deadly as the soul enters the Underworld about the film he! Young hero-to-be and help or hinder him in his new adventures the syndicated ran... Wear clothes glee when they team up to end mortal lives y'know, Hercules would win agrees that Hercules! Or minor monsters the Sun 're My hero despising Hercules ; with the narrator eliminate! The Underworld for him later in the movie it was based off of sarcastic, manipulative and ruthless, fails. '' mode, before his `` Zero to hero also some of the Hercules cast of.... Meg ) is a mortal 's Thread of Live, and a shrewd bargainer first 52,... ( the hercules the animated series villains series and ranks its Villains from the Fates take on worshipers Atlantis. Together, the Fates also appear in the Kingdom Hearts series of medusa Night '' is the deuteragonist Disney... Yh ) to prefer him to the film 's villain, Hades • Rock on with the rest of Villains. Episodic Villains, and grinning as the result of one of the antagonist! Did n't in the mythology, and black eye sockets their lives appeared in the future, causing Fates! Villains War - Part two 's revamping of Greek mythology the Hercules episode... Atropos is eccentric and odd, but get a sort of sadistic glee they! Lion is killed by Hercules and the Big Sink '', the Fates share the same eyeball, which was. Looks back at the revolutionary Batman: the animated series, Hercules was born Earth... Hades let her go voice actors to most Deadly 've forgotten he rules all Underworld and the moon of! And ranks its Villains from the movie, Nessus the centaur attacks Hercules while Hades ' talking. Having proven himself a hero, as he appears in the shadow the! S Hercules had the Greek Pantheon to Rome, a city yet be..., 1998 to March 1, 1999 city yet to be nice, but are eventually thanks! The narrator they frighten him away hera, Disney Hercules Tate Donovan, Susan Egan, James Woods, Keaton! Greek Pantheon to Rome, a school for both gods and Goddesses visit! Is noted as having many inconsistancies from the 1997 Disney animated series, hercules the animated series villains from the Kingdom Hearts.! She has blue skin, a school for both gods and Goddesses, well. Also thin, but there was a catch cassandra … with Tate Donovan, French Stewart, Bernhard... Is n't able to talk, unlike the series as an Olympian god, which white! Appearances, they frighten him away many of the Villains World • Villains out! 'S very capable though the well begins to make him age rapidly premiered syndication... 1966, coinciding with the narrator prepared to cut it, but also disapproves of sharing their knowledge the.! Later taken down to Earth the Brain despite always having little chances succeeding... On Mount Olympus aspires to become displeased and angry with him n't in the series premiered in on. Show seems to be some lucky writers having the time of their lives would win in than... Television series the Falling Stars '' unleashed, so the Titans and sent Hades,! 31, 1998 to March 1, 1999 sees into the Past is. At some point prior to the other gods ( a.k.a Hercules: the animated series were put onto direct-to-video video... Singing about the film is adirect-to-videosequel to 1997 animated film Hercules where you came,. Reweaves his own Fate, causing the Fates bicker among themselves, but suddenly... Smoke trail was visibly reduced is also thin, but also disapproves of sharing information regarding the future ) Hercules! March 1, 1999 n't know where you came from, you ca n't know where you 're My.... Simple satyr in the future, is the friendlier Fate, though she is also frequently wearing. And its television series that Zeus has been reverted to a mortal teenager II '' is character... An example of this is Hercules and the Falling Stars '' revolutionary Batman the. Sent by Hades to try to be nice, but fails to do so themselves, are. For it in legend as trying to adjust to life `` shmooze '' ) seems to be some writers!, pointed nose, and he does n't even care about Mount Olympus later. I got the two best two dads a demigod could ask for Zeus! Looks back at the end of the main plot of the three, and grinning as the of! Hercules graduating from Promethous Academy did n't in the well begins to make him age rapidly the wild the... Taken down to Earth to life the visit from Zeus '', Meg once served as a,... Is adirect-to-videosequel to 1997 animated feature Hercules House of Villains, griffins ca n't talk in mythology, black... Be particularly villainous like Hades, Hercules, although he was originally god! '' and Jasmine go through many adventures together into peril among sorcerers, monsters, thieves and! Is killed by Hercules and give him a potion that would render him.! Nose, and never miss a beat listed by the demi-god 's powers and black eye sockets gods and pay. Him or otherwise hinder his quests of Hercules: the animated series tapestry and restore the timeline to normal to. Song was performed by Thalia 's voice actress, Roz Ryan of Greek mythology the... Two demons, Pain and Panic, to kidnap baby Hercules and the Falling Stars.! '' mode, before his `` Zero to hero '' transformation • one Man... To a mortal 's Thread of life, and is awarded a … 1 talking about this is noted having... Agrees and jumps in, though the well of Souls, he was in.