Its spring-loaded dust bag is an excellent feature of this sander; it has a vacuum system for collecting dust for a long time. Ridgid R2611 R.O. I’ve been sanding spalted quarter sawn white oak and the spalting is driving my allergies crazy and the dust kept clogging my Triton filter helmet (space helmet). Given this, please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that we will receive compensation from. It might work great or it may not, I just can’t speak on that part. I have an older “Stinger” that I picked up at Home Depot. Feb 13, 2015 - After reading many favorable reviews of the Ridgid oscillating sander (model # EB44242) and with a 15% rebate offered by the manufacturer, I finally bought this sander as my Christmas present. Like the Bosch, the RIDGID’s canvas dust bag attaches to the left-hand side of the sander, but its bag has greater capacity. They are usually located right next to the filters at the home depot. The belt sander does not come with any belts upon purchase Product Summary Product: Ridgid ZRR2740 Belt Sander. Safety Instructions For Oscillating Edge Belt/ Spindle Sander Safety is a combination of common sense, staying alert and knowing how your oscillating edge belt/spindle sander works. You have the one time cost of the Dust Deputy, about $180. They clog up quickly and then leave dust all over. You need to buy the heavy duty yellow shop vac bags. I might be confused on your question. I have a Rigid “shop vac” and they don’t seem to offer a bag for it. I am looking for an orbital sander (or any power sander) that works with a HEPA vac, preferably the Love-Less Ash #16004. the hose from your shop vac to fit your portable tool. I use my CT33 with my Dewalt (DW621) – I don’t have a Festool router (yet). Dust Collection. And the 4″ system for me does not work at all when I attach it to my 2.5″ lines. Thanks Jimmy. Doug, Any other companies that are selling a complete idea of woodworking / sanding coupled with effective dust removal? I’ve tried them out at my local store and they are everything they are hyped to be, but spendy. Is Festool my best bet? Recently I upgraded the dust collection system to a king Canada industrial 2hp 1200 cfm, and the air movement/collection isn’t even comparable. Your email address will not be published. Ridgid ZRR2740 6.5 Amp 3-in X 18-in Heavy Duty Variable Speed Belt Sander (Renewed) 4.4 out of 5 stars 235. For the first 2 hours of use it was amazing. I had the vac turned to automatic and I thought the damn CT22 was broke because I didn’t hear it come on. And… a trigger lock (thank you RIDGID!) I don’t hate you for using a Porter Cable sander with your Festool vac. However there are two versions: there is one for a two inch hose and one with a 1.5 inch hose. Your email address will not be published. If it is too high and/or loads up the d.c. too much, I was going to use a blast gate to let it suck some air through another hose not connected to maybe my table saw. They’re not the cheapest but I found I can reuse them by cutting them open and sealing back off with silicone and duct tape. One of the notable features of this sander is its dust collection method. But the o’lady was not happy. Look for a belt sander that has an efficient dust collection system. This type of belt sander has a twin facility as it has the power of electricity as well as auto-tracking. The good news is that the shop vac now pulls in most of the dust and keeps the air passages clean. Like Marc mentioned, a bag is very very important. Many high-end belt sanders actually have dust ventilation systems included as a standard feature. Douglas wrote in with a good question about collecting dust from his sander. The other end fits nicely in both the RO sanders I have (a Dewalt and a Bosch). I have an air filter machine, and a few years ago put an exhaust fan in the garage. Thought I’d drop my 2c in as well – I concur with Bill particularly – irrespective of what dust collection you are using (household vac, HEPA vac, Festool etc), I still feed my suction through a (homemade) cyclone before it gets to the vacuum itself. When put to wood, the RIDGID R2720 felt good in my hands, had excellent balance and was very easy to control. I realized it was on when I turned off my ROS!!!! The paper lasts so much longer and I swear it sands faster. I’ve hooked my Porter-Cable Random Orbit sander to my ClearVue cyclone (with 5 hp motor and 1 micron filters) through a 2.25″ to 3.5″ to 6″ series of flexible hoses with great results. I took my friends DYSON (you know the ones that NEVER lose suction), and i was amazed that it NEVER stopped. My Sears shop vac has a bag in it, but the bag does not get loaded up with the dust because the Dust Deputy takes it out before the dust gets into the bag. It helps tremendously, but doesn’t get all the dust. All content on The Wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and may not be reprinted in full form without my written consent. Hi Julie. RIDGID R2740 Heavy Duty Variable Speed Belt Sander, GR. "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Editor’s Rating: Durable This belt sander comes with a robust motor which means that it’s powerful enough to handle even the toughest jobs. I use a grizzly table saw witha good fence, and do hobby cabinets, and replace wood sofits etc on my house. My 15 year old screamer shop vac finally broke. so I adjust it manually. Home depot said that all these sanders have the same problem but Milwaukee ones are better at dust collection than the cloth bag ones, also the shroud at the bottom of the sandpaper disc has to be vacuumed clean and empty the bag often when it is about 20% full. While a dust extractor such as Festool may be the IDEAL solution, I wince more than a little at the prospect of spending twice what I did for my 2hp dust collector on a single-purpose tool. I assume I’ll need to dial it down when I’m sanding a wide board covering all of the sanders holes, but what is the correct setting. Marc your right on the money. Although the suction seems pretty strong in 4″ piece of flex hose, performance take a huge dump when the pipe is reduced to the size of a typical sander’s dust port. Free shipping. A portable dust extractor, or a shop vac, moves small volumes of air but does so in a way that is still quite effective when using small hoses. My shop air and lungs have never been cleaner. They are about $10 for 3, I think. Many belt sanders have a hoover attachment for dust removal and although it’s not an essential feature it does help keep the work area free from wood dust and anyone who has used a sander will know the dust that comes from sanding becomes airborne and gets absolutely everywhere. The most important point to note is the collector’s ability to retain the dust after collecting it; so even if you have a high velocity airflow, do make sure that the dust does not escape via the dust bag, or for that matter, anywhere else on the dust collector! The 15 gallon container is cleaned every few months and over 1 year so far no dust issues with the bag. If this isn’t accounted for, it leaves users with a lot to clean up once the job is over. I have a small shop in my basement with both an air filtration system and an older delta 2hp 2 bag dust collector in my garage that the ducts run into my basement. All I need to do is measure design (using Sketchup) and print a coupler to fit… no need to ‘find correct fittings to adapt’. Replace cover, dust collecting bag and sanding belt.A faulty spring in the tension lever can cause a lack of tension. It has great reviews and did not disappoint. same as others here- I use the shopvac (quiet-deluxe model = $70 at costco) with HEPA filter, and I also started using filter bags. I really liked it because it isn't that heavy and yet quite powerful. Not sure about really high end tools but all three of my Dewalt sanders need to be hooked up to a vacuum or I end up looking like a powdered doughnut. :-). This is a very lightly used Ridgid Oscillating Edge Belt/Spindle Sander that is sitting in my shop collecting dust. My shop is virtually empty and homemade can is full best invention I ever made , For this design, it is very easy and comfortable for handling and working. Safety . Thank you for making this possible. A 14″ Rikon bandsaw, 10″ sliding miter saw, router table, 12″ disc sander, and tabletop drill press and 10″ bandsaw. Check off your home improvement tasks with Several people have seen this in my shop and are installing this smaller system. wall– that cut sound of vac and puts all that fine dust outside. It wasn’t until I installed the belt assembly onto the spindle that I … I use a 15gal stainless steel drum shop vac. Don't know about Makita or Mafell or other high end brands, never used them, but I know my Festool sanders are top notch at dust collection. My dewalt dustless 5 hole random orbit sander gave this problem even when I used it for the first time! Get great deals on RIDGID Belt Sanders and upgrade your power tools for your home workshop. As RO sanders generally exert positive pressure through their exhaust dust port, it doesn’t take a great deal of negative pressure from the dust collector to clear everything away. is that the trend of things now? I didn’t know that about the Rigid. I use rockers expandable 4 inch clear dust collection hose and I have a God awful smell in my garage and shop coming from dust collector hose! I've found the 2 1/2 on the back works well enough for using the drums, but when using the belt it really benefits from another collection point at the end of the belt where it wants to shoot the dust off. Should I ever be compensated to write, I will make full disclosure. RIDGID R2740 Heavy Duty Variable Speed Belt Sander 3 in. I don’t think this is a CT issue but more of a router design (or should I say lack of design) issue. Bob D. 2006. If you restrict the 4″ hose of a dust collector down to the size of a sander dust port, you’ll very likely restrict the airflow so much that dust collection is ineffective. i have a muffler on the intake if my vac. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. bosch wants a lot for its hepa filter. and if the primary house vacuum (which will never touch the shop) wasn’t my great aunt’s Kirby, I’d be trying this argument as well. In my case, my outfeed table is my assembly table is my sanding table, … So the DC drop which draws dust from the table saw blade guard is very handy. Designed and developed by Underscorefunk Design. check out the. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. I have been using a Oneida’s Dust Deputy along with my Sears shop vac along with my Delta Random Orbit sander for over a year now. I can now use a hood over the table saw though, and that helps with dust ginormissly. Whale instant cyclone . When I took the sander apart I found the passages for the air to the vacuum fan were plugged up with sawdust so that was cleaned. The biggest shop vac hose I know of is only 2.5″ so you don’t have much further to go when reducing down to a dust port size. If you aren’t collecting that dust at the tool, you’re risking your health. So what I do is dial it down slowly with the sander running and wait for the sander to feel like its floating (like an air hockey table). this will do 2 things – 1. will keep your HEPA filter clean and unclogged (I was pretty surprised after emptying the vac that the HEPA filter was practically clean with only very very fine dust on it) and 2. it’ll make it so much easier to empty your shop vac, and keep the dust from filling the air. Ridgid R2740 3×18, 6.5 amp, Belt sander. Another plug for the Oneida. 12 watching. You guys have a much wider range of experiences in this area than I do so I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas. My ridgid and onieda are an unbeatable team. I have hooked up a Ivac switch so when ever the tool of choice turns on the system starts. Another option to consider is a ClearVue mini-cyclone (Mini CV06 between the shop vac and the sander – this drops most everything into a collector bucket so the HEPA filter lasts much longer. There is one additional thing you can do to make your shop vac more effective at collecting dust and that’s to use a cyclone separator. The cheap white ones will rip and break and leave a huge cloud of dust. CHECK CURRENT PRICE #12 Best Milwaukee belt sander. Anybody have experience with this approach? My question is have you ever had a problem with smell? So as long as you can match up the hose to the port, you should be good to go with any standard sander. It is recommended to the belt sander users as it can work on the electric supply of 120 volts. Kobalt KBS 124B-03 24V MAX 24-Volt Brushless Cordless Belt Sander. This sander is about three years old and has less than forty hours of use on it, parts have been ordered from ereplacementparts. I used a 4″ to 2.5″ reducer on the TS and fit was fine. I have to agree with this totally. It is a smaller unit but when dedicated to a random orbit sander it does the job nicely. Read this manual to understand this sander. Has soft-grip handles that ensure maximum comfort. it sounds as tho whatever shop vac I get will largly replace my old dust collector. I’m guessing 2.5 micron gets most of the sanding dust. Belt sanders produce a good amount of dust. my ancient dust collection system needs updating. with regards to your Grizzly dust collector, I have noticed that my 2HP 220 V model requires the very fine bag to be able to match the dust-trapping performance of a dust extractor. I read someplace that if you can smell it, it’s getting into your lungs. This is probably over-kill for my setup because I have a 6″ floor model jointer and a 18″ king industrial band saw and a dewalt 13″ planer, but only 1 tool is ever on at a time. I work with a large variety of woods, you name it I’ve used it but I’ve never had this problem with my shop vac or dust collector up until recently. I ran 2 inch p.v.c. I know they are expensive, but they live up to all their hype. By the way, the input here is terrific. More surface area and less problems with air flow. OOPPS!!! If you do not have a bag, the HEPA filter in your vacuum will clog up and disintegrate in no time, and before you know it, you will have to replace it. (Been there, tried that, should have known better but didn’t, discovered it through experimentation! btw – as a few have commented, reducing a 4″ system down to 1″ doesn’t result in a massive increase in suction. As for the 2.5 micron bag Jim mentions, I’d want closer to .5 micron filtration if I had to exhaust back into the shop. Marc, my only question is about the festool MIDI doesn’t have the automatic speed control. Good info, everyone. Milwaukee 5936 4×24, 10 amp, Belt … “The key to getting the shop vac to work better for you is to find some filter bags for it”. It works ok – better than my Ridgid vac but not as well as I would like. I know lots of folks who use non-festool tools with their CT extractor.
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