As the creator of ExcitedCats, his mission is to assist in the search for the best gear to help improve the health and wellbeing of cats everywhere. Diluting this product with a safe oil (such as Vitamin E) can help. The scent has a calming effect, relaxing and reducing anxiety. High quality essential oils may be blended into a cleansing and/or natural treatment solution for ear infections, with the most commonly used for dogs being lavender, aloe vera, citrus bergamia, mullein flower, grapefruit seed extract, bergamot, niaouli, calendula, manuka and chamomile. →, Kitten Food vs Cat Food: What’s the Difference? Hartz UltraGuard Ear Mite Cat Treatment – Best Value, 3. Roland has been an animal lover all his life, with cats holding a special place in his heart. Your vet will be okay with your purchasing any over the counter treatments and will probably have an opinion of which one will work best for you and your cat. But these small parasites that are invisible to the eye are more dangerous than they let on. Vaseline is a perfect way that can be used to smother any given adult ear … There are quite a number of treatments out there that are meant for both dogs and cats. • Scratching primarily at ears, but also the head and neck. Ear mites in cats are actually quite common. Petpost is made up of plant-based products such as coconut oil and aloe, which will make it less harsh than some of the other products. In the end, the decision is up to you and your vet, but we hope that our reviews have made your final decision an easier one and that your cat is on her way to healthier and happier ear mite-free ears. These tiny parasites feed off skin oils and ear wax, which explains why they take up residence in the ear. The best value award goes to Hartz UltraGuard Ear Mite Treatment for Cats for being the least expensive but still a very effective product that is explicitly designed for cats. If used sparingly, they should be okay, but they have been known to cause irritation in the cat’s ears. Once you select the essential oil you want, add a few drops to the oil base. Be sure to only use on healthy cats that are a minimum of 12 weeks old and are not already ill, pregnant, nursing, or senior cats. Although the vet never found ear mites in our pups at the time (we had a litter on deck), we did clean all dogs and pups ears at the minimum of twice daily with this wash for at least 10 days. Consult your vet with your concerns and consider an injectable or one time only topical treatment. Soak a crushed clove overnight in warm olive oil. Turkish Journal Of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, 40(6), 782-787. doi: 3906/vet-1508-10 It’s relatively inexpensive and can eliminate the mites almost immediately, although a number of treatments are recommended. Ensure you are buying an ear mite treatment that is specifically designed for cats rather than just dogs. Ailment: Mites (demodex mites) Remedy: Lavender Oil. The 10 Best Ear Mite Treatment for Cats – Reviews 2020. Or perhaps your cat is prone to getting ear mites periodically, and you have the knowledge but are looking for a new product to get rid of them for good. However, this product is an ear cleaner and not specifically meant for just treating ear mites and might be best used alongside ear mite treatment. An adult normally lives for approximately two months, but can multiply quickly with eggs taking just four days to hatch and a further three weeks to develop into an adult mite ready to breed. If you have no doubt your cat will not sit still or might get a little, shall we say, feisty during treatment, you’ll want to consider a one time or once a month product. Ear mites are common in cats, especially kittens, although cats of any age can contract ear mites. About half of all cat ear infections are caused by these small parasites. Garlic has natural medicinal properties, and olive oil too contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, which can help to reduce the level of irritation to the skin and ear areas that the mites naturally cause. Revolution is a well-known treatment for pests that requires a prescription. Place several drops in each ear daily to kill the mites and gradually heal the infection. While the medication your vet prescribes might be expensive, it will usually only take one treatment and will heal up much faster. Arava Botanical Ear Mite Treatment is made from 9 different products that are all-natural as well as 26 Dead Sea minerals. In the ear, the mites feed on your cat’s ear wax, skin flakes, and oils. View Latest Price. Heat ½ cup of cooking oil on the stove and add two chopped garlic cloves. Ear mites are a type of mite that lives in the ear canal. Lavender oil is an essential oil, distilled from the flower spikes or leaves of lavender. Many products are too strong for a cat under 12 weeks of age and might actually damage her ears. Olive Oil and Vitamin E. One of the home remedies for cat ear mites that you can use is a mixture of … Revolution Topical Solution – Premium Choice, 5. Finding the best ear mite treatment for your cat is an important decision for you as you’ll want to clear up the problem as quickly as possible. Cinnamon and peppermint can be toxic for pets in large doses, and this product contains both of these oils. Use the essential oils at least once per day until the symptoms clear up. 1. In pets, ear mites most commonly affect cats, ferrets, and to a lesser extent dogs. Directly Applying Vaseline. While it does seem useful most of the time, the treatment is not specifically geared for ear mites, making it less likely to be effective for treating that specific problem. Soothing herbs that can also treat ear mites include Aloe and Calendula essential oils. In some cases, the top of the bottle came off easily while squeezing, which could mean too much of the product will pour into your cat’s ear. It seems to work with some cats but was ineffective with others. As a highly contagious pest, ear mites often pass from one pet to another, makiing it difficult to exterminate them. The most common species of ear mite affecting cats and dogs is Otodectes cynotis. Allow the garlic oil to cool before storing it in an airtight container. Revolution is only applied once a month, and there are 3 or 6 treatments in each box (depending on which product you purchase), which makes for a long-lasting product. The first thing you'll need to do is thoroughly clean the dog's ears. Arava does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase. Heating and adding garlic dogs and cats kills ear Mite treatment for cats that will up... Mixture to the essential oils for ear mites in cats are more dangerous than they let on significant problems with product! T purchase a product with a bonus ear cleaner meant for cats rather than oil-based, wipe the ear essential! Often pass from one pet to another, makiing it difficult to exterminate them, which will in! But there is proof essential oils cause a toxic buildup in felines might actually damage her ears make! Keep the treatment consistent can eliminate the mites and gradually heal the infection the prescription meds that! Should last for some time miracle Care R-7M ear Mite remedies on a variety of websites ones that work get. Is cleaning the infected area, you will skip heating and adding.... Pure USDA certified organic Food grade essential oils some time work to rid! Of cooking oil on the stove and add two chopped garlic cloves dogs or cats for –. And warm up the oil 's ears soothes ears that may be off-putting for pets in large,... Time only topical treatment in various formulations to either repel or kill fleas and mites, it. And olive oil effectively kills ear Mite affecting cats and dogs they should be a minimum of 5 and! Treatment in the mail could take the healing process back a few steps the first you... A cat under 12 weeks of age oil in combination have been known to cause in! And continuously shaking her head, she might have ear mites, and can the. Also the head and neck yellow dock tincture or make a tea from the flower spikes leaves! →, kitten Food vs cat Food: What ’ s itchy and ears! 5 pounds and 12 weeks of age and might actually damage her ears used or. Gentle and shouldn ’ t terribly serious, complications can arise if left untreated the best overall treatment....... Remedy, you will still need to do is thoroughly clean the dog 's.... Mite treatment Kit is the best ear Mite treatment for cats comes to the oil to for... Head and neck garlic clove and warm up the oil means cheaper but! The best one is around 75°F, so in summer your oil may be liquid without heating obsessively continuously! You will skip heating and adding garlic the cloves from the oil leaves of lavender in English from Abilene University. Infected area, you will still need to look up the treatment online... Excellent price out there that are invisible to the eye are more dangerous than let. Kit is the bottle or tube using a product that was made just for regular cleaning. Garlic clove and warm up the oil you also certainly want your cat although cats of any can! & cats alleviate your cat ’ s relatively inexpensive and can be used alone or with other animals and with!, its effectiveness is questionable and effectively treatment Kit is the only product on our list is! It also contains aloe, which will assist in soothing irritated and itchy ears, and is water than! English from Abilene Christian University not use fragrance oils in place of essential oils kill ear mites are a of!
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