Did you have any problems with over heating and shutdowns. I had the top cover still off the console as I had just finished modding this one (I mod these systems as a small side business. Try it and you will see I'm correct! Again, try swapping the logic board of your dead drive with a working drive which is a BD-410 model. About the date. Never clean a BD or DVD laser with a Q-tip and/or methylated spirits! If the logic board of your original drive is working this might help you get pass the update. Our thoughts were to clear the FLASH and loop with JTAG and load an older FIRMWARE version. About the video: In this video, I will show you how to fix PS3 error 8002f957. Mike Bike The PS3 is close to a launch version and I have had no issues with it until this update. One small w/ one larger one just above it. I do have one other PS3, which is actually the same model as this one (just a different region), CECHK04, but that particular one is a collector's piece, in pristine condition, never been opened, and I left it on OFW, just to keep it as ''pure'' as possible. ). Under that folder is where you keep the firmware (3). But the actual flashing of PS3's Nand doesn't complete until it reaches 100% and reboots. Cyrus Carbone, For me it worked. photos of the original BD drive will be enough anyways as thats all we are interested in atm. Just prior to setting it down (w/ BD player disc opening facing you), tilt the back of the part toward you, so that the white loose gear part slides down toward the front. if you can get to certain xbare menus then its not the console, it'll be either the wifi module or the connections to it. Then turn off the PS3, then turn the PS3 back on and be patient just let the update run. You are wrong. Generally if it stalls in the 60-70 range, this indicates a problem with the BluRay (even a dirty lens or bad diode) player in some way. If it finds one, then you'll get that 8002F14E code (or similar) and it won't complete until you fix the hardware problem it found. .....and for sure, if you are having ANY hardware issues, then DON'T RUN or give permission/accept the Update until you have these issues resolved! When I succeeded in restoring the system, the original firmware came back… For me it worked! Inventory your PS3 condition before the update in your mind. Depending on where in this process it stalls (in the loop % of completion), can indicate where the possible failure is. Sadly, I dont think so. See this chart: Just to be clear, by socket contacts ribbon you mean the ribbon cable? The update is stuck in a loop and i can't go into restart or safe mode or install from usb as i can't access anything due to the loop All the ribbon cables are in correctly as far as i can see, thus i think it is the Hard drive thats the problem. In the last photo you see the end of what seems to be a USB cable hanging free, which is odd to me because the USB was working fine. Do it with care, keeping track of all the screws and where they go. in case you're already reset modem by employing unplugging it wait 15 seconds then plug it returned in. The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. I removed the HDD during the update the second time and it got to 99% and stopped. Thanks for the fix, 04/14/2012 by Thanks Garcia25, 06/02/2015 by I opened my ps3 today cleaned it i cleaned under of bluray drive and conecct to tv and i tried to put disc but the blu ray driver wont take the disc so i opened again and i pull out the white tape (under blu ray drive) and i saw the black piece is broke.So I updated my fat ps3 4.82 ofw to ferrox cfw by ps3 eXploit and it cant open multiman so i try update to rebug 48.2.1 and i got this error code.I tried to go to safe mode but it wont open .I have one question.. Is this error code appears beacuse of corrupted blu ray drive? That's about it for now. I bought my PS3 slim from a guy who says he has only tried to change the hdd, but failed, and he didn't mod it or anything. Well, after it got to about 55%, it gave an error code 8002f1f9. I did attempt to install version 4.82 just to see if it would work on the Alt PS3, but the system was unable to find the file on my flash drive. I've posted two forums asking about this and nobody has said anything. If you decide to pull your PS3 apart. :D ....and you just may have your PS3 running again! There's nothing on the internet anywhere that describes this at all. I have been in the IT field for over 10 years and this guy started explaining that he knows that a Firmware update did not cause this. Mikki Make sure you know how to remove and re-insert ribbon cables properly. The Nand (one adjacent to Super Companion/south bridge) has NOT been flashed until this phase is complete. Whatever you do don't format the hard drive you used in the Update Flashing of your PS3 if it's looping. The ps3 keeps the correct date by you selecting auto update from the inthernet. Well, the only way to see if the OP is having THAT problem you mention, is to acknowledge what mobo he has (maybe a DIA for the type of PSU he has) and the daughter model he has on his BD drive. It's probably nothing; however, my Main PS3 had stated to update to version 4.84, while my Alt PS3 stated to update to version 4.82 or better. if i read correctly u only mention the one at the back and not on the bottom has been torn off. Blu Ray drive is gone. Thanks! Simply pull out the small circular battery inside the ps3 and this will fix your issue! So neither of them match with the BMD-011 that the looping PS3 has :/ I'm guessing that's why the update … Recheck all connections and cables and/or re-seating your hard drive. Victor Salazar, 12/01/2015 by USE LIGHT PRESSURE ONLY! Your PS3 can be saved. This is why Sony wants you to send in your hard drive with your PS3 for repairs. However, it looks really weird, completely different from all photos and videos I've seen. I will accept any and all donations through PAYPAL (ID jared9901) though if this helps you save your system. Now getting a message that a serious error has occoured and to contact tech support. Gently first wipe the lens in a circular motion one direction, then the other. If you do, it could keep it from ever finishing that update. Also tried to update trough safe mode with different update, but still just 72%. If it didn't slide down on the tilt, then slide it down before replacing it! I was told that I should offer this fix for sell, but I will not. Whatever you do don't format the hard drive you used in the Update Flashing of your PS3 if it's looping. Unfortunately in my rush to get the data transferred before it dies again, I tried to update the system and I’m now stuck in the 8002F14E update loop because of the missing Blu Ray drive. Such as if your model has the tiny fine wires running from the control board to the sensor located on top front. A little, on mine at least, blue standard battery. I pulled out the battery, left it unplugged for about half a hour, and it still was in update loop. Are both stickers that show the model number gone? Any idea what this means? It did update the version to 3.14 so I think that it was just finalizing the install. Exactally right Richdave, Blu ray was disconnected. I got sick of turning the system off and on with every freeze. Anyway, I left the battery unplugged and hooked everything back up to at least turn it on. If this hasn't helped, you may need to update your router's firmware. Worked for me, i had a downgraded console and when i was putting it back together i must have nocked the ribbon cable, thanks for the help! I have provided you with the fix, the idea of searching for instructions on how to take it apart and etc. Does anyone have any information on why trying to patch NOR flasher is freezing? Download, then once it's on the USB drive in X:\PS3\UPDATE re-verify the MD5 pasted above with the one of .PUP file for HFW; Also, I use a 32GB SanDisk USB drive with my PS3 and have never had any issues installing firmware.